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Libraries are special

Library websites need to do a lot of things. They need to inform. They need to impress. They need to connect. They need to be user friendly for patrons and staff. And most importantly, they need to persuade…persuade elected officials, funders, and non-users that there’s something special….something wonderful about their local library.

libraries need user friendly and effective websites
libraries need user friendly and effective websites

Libraries are limitless

Libraries have some common needs, but each library is unique and so my solutions for each one is custom tailored to suit their needs. Need 100 pages built? Sure. Want animated sliders on every single page? No problem. Want to build a custom book-a-librarian calendar page? No sweat. Robust events management system for your library programs? Coming right up! If it’s within my abilities to do for you, I will do it.

Libraries are personal

About Radwa Ali, owner and founder of Dewey Design Services

I am a librarian who loves good design. I founded Dewey because I believe libraries deserve better than the same old solutions presented to us on a daily basis from technology vendors.


Public libraries have a noble mission and yet they consistently face budget shortfalls, apathy, and challenges at every turn. Of all the industries, libraries cannot afford a stale web presence. A library’s website, its digital branch, is more important than ever…but the bar remains stubbornly low.


With Dewey, I hope to raise the bar. I bring 22 years of library and 12 years of web design experience that, up until this point, have been dedicated solely to my own employers.


I understand, better than most vendors, the needs and constraints on public libraries and the potential for good technology to elevate the library experience.


Design may be my passion, but public libraries are my calling. To put it simply, this is personal. It’s not enough for only the best funded libraries to look great online. All libraries need to put their best foot forward. All libraries need the chance to compete and tell their stories. Only then, can this wonderful but besieged institution have a shot at survival.

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