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Increase your Facebook Reach with This One Simple Trick, and for free.

It’s not a trick. In fact it’s so basic, you’ll be forgiven for forgetting to do it. But I see it all the time when talking to folks that manage their social media pages.

Social media isn’t for everyone.

Sure, social media consumption in pretty much universal (for good or ill) these days. But creating content, managing it, and most importantly managing your users/brand/presence….that’s a whole other ball game. It does not come naturally to most people. And even when it does, it’s very difficult to sustain.

So I don’t blame you for forgetting the simplest of all tools you need to grow your followers.

Here’s the trick: Invite people to like and follow you!!!

When you post on your own page and you’re lucky enough to get a few post likes, you need to invite those folks to like and/or follow you!

When you post in a group and people like that post…invite them to like and/or follow you!


Click on the reactions under any post to see everyone who has reacted. There, you’ll see if those people have already liked you, have been invited by you, or not.
Don’t let an uninvited person slip through your grasp. Invite them all!

Here’s an even more jaw-dropping example.

Wow, that’s a lot of potential customers, subscribers, or fans!

If you’re posting frequently, 7-10 times a week like it’s recommended for a business to do, you’re accumulating a respectable number of engagements. Individually they may not look like much. But day after day, week after week, they do add up!

Will all of those people do what you wish and like/follow you? No, sadly they won’t. But some will.

And some is a whole lot better than none.

You seem like a smart one...
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