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Get the perfect image every time with background removal tools

One of the most obvious tells on whether or not you know what you’re doing design-wise is how you use your images. When it comes to creating professional designs, one of the most important details is the background. An image with a busy or unappealing background can take away from the overall look of the design.

There are many ways to remove backgrounds from images, but one of the easiest and most user-friendly ways is to use a background remover tool like Canva. Canva is a free online design platform that offers a wide variety of templates for flyers, posters, and more.

To use Canva’s background remover tool, simply upload the image you’d like to edit, select “Background Remover” from the left-hand menu, and follow the prompts. In just a few clicks, you can have a clean and professional looking image that is ready to be used in your next design project! Now, this feature is only available if you have a pro account, but stick around and I’ll show you another great tool you can use for free!

To use Canva’s background removal tool:

  1. Upload your own image or choose one from our image library.
  2. Click on the Edit Image button on the top toolbar.
  3. Next, select ‘BG Remover’ on the left side panel that appears.
  4. Then, click ‘Erase’ to remove the background.
  5. After clicking ‘Erase’, like magic, the background will disappear.
  6. Once satisfied with your photo’s look without a background, select ‘Apply’ to save the changes. Or select ‘Restore’ to undo any changes.
  7. Finally, simply drag your new image into the perfect spot.

If you don’t have Canva Pro, there’s a free tool you can use called

You simply upload your image and press the big button! Of course then you’ll need to download and upload the new image to Canva to use it in your design, so that’s another step. But if you don’t have Canva Pro, this is a great way to get rid of those pesky backgrounds. is also more powerful than Canva’s background remover, at least in my experience. It can identify strands of hair, and will remove backgrounds far more cleanly on even a very busy image.

Doggy prior to background removal
Doggy after background removal

You can play around with some of the ready made backgrounds available to fill into your newly edited image….or download and use elsewhere.

Doggy chilling on the west coast


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